Leyoung Nano Mist Sprayer 2 in 1 Desk Face Mists in Silver

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The Leyoung Nano mister device adopts high-tech nano penetration technology. When water flows into the atomization chip, liquid will turn into nano-sized particles rapidly, and will deeply penetrate into the cuticle. Utilizing the Nano mist for 50 seconds can deliver moisture that can last up to 12 hours, and allows the skin to stay hydrated.

Deep moisturizing

Nano ionic cool mist penetrates the skin's basal cell layer, deeply moisturizing skin.

Update make-up

Nano-Ion technology produces the finest ionized mist that helps you to adjust and refresh your makeup at any time of day or night without destroying it.

Cooling function

The cooling function not only shrinks the pores, it also alleviates skin irritation. It calms the skin and helps the skin to rejuvenate rapidly even after sunburn. This makes the skin firm and smooth