Leyoung Facial Skin Care Light Therapy Device For Face and Neck in Pearl White

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4 IN 1 Leyoung Facial Skin Care Light Therapy Device

There is always a mode for you, make you skin healthy, light and smooth

  • IONIC TECHNOLOGY-It can remove dirt and other debris deep in the pores, effectively promote nutrients deep into the skin, lift and firm the skin;
  • RED LIGHT-perfect for any kind of skin. Increases blood circulation to diminish wrinkles, tighten skin;
  • BLUE LIGHT-an excellent effect on curing acne. Diminish inflammation, adjust skin sebum secretion and effectively get rid of acne;
  • GREEN LIGHT-that helps to break down and prevent uneven melanin pigment production. It leaves the skin even and bright.
  • What will you get?
  • 1* Main Body
  • 1* Ionic Head
  • 1* Red Light Head
  • 1* Blue Light Head
  • 1* Green Light Head
  • 1 * USB Charging Cables for DC port (without an adapter)